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We know that you love your social media; you visit the social media sites for viewing content that keeps you entertained. However, there are some videos, images and GIF files that you want to save on your device for offline access. But these social media sites do not provide any option to save videos on your device directly from them. The best online video downloader- provides you an all round solution for all your downloading problems. Downloading videos from any social media sites have never been this easy and safe.  We provide a free of cost premium downloading tool that allows you to download videos from all the social media societies easily and comfortably into your device. With the use of this highly innovative you can save the video for offline access and share it with your friends and family as well. You can download videos in lower file formats that will save a lot data that you might have used on streaming the video online. 

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People spend a considerable period of their day on various social media sites including, facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn among others. They scroll through various posts both video and images and sometimes they like the videos so much that they want to download it for watching it in their free time. Streaming videos multiple times online can also incur higher data charges than by saving it offline on your device. Download Social Media Videos from sites like, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo and others. 

Explore Innovative Online Video Downloader- is a secure website that allows for downloading videos by URL from social media sites that do not allow users to save videos in the device for unlimited offline access. has a strong server support and can be accessed from anywhere in the world even on low speed data connectivity. Use this free of cost online tool for all your downloading needs. You can download videos, animations, graphics, images, and gifs from any social media websites just by using the URL of the media. You can easily download videos by URL from Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and other social media sites. The website has been designed and developed using the latest web development tools and technologies that provides for faster downloading speed across all platforms and on all devices. Also, is a bug free online video downloader which ensures that your device is safe from any kind of malicious virus entering inside it. Your One Stop Shop for Downloading Live Videos

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The best thing about this online video downloader is that it is completely free, and has no restrictions as to how many videos you can download in a day. It supports all the major social media sites, and quickly processes our downloading requests. 

-Lauren Page is so simple and easy to use. I am not a tech-savvy person yet I find this tool easy and useful. I often download videos from pinterest, and instagram using this free video downloader. 

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